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Growing Historical Heirloom Lettuce Varieties

Lettuce. At Johnny's, we conduct lettuce trials across multiple growing seasons, and select the most adaptable, flavorful, and attractive varieties for production in each season. We cover a wide array of market needs with summer crisp, romaine, butterhead, oakleaf, bibb, lollo, iceberg, and loose leaf types that can be harvested at baby leaf.

Growing Historical Lettuce Varieties Little House on the Prairie

Heirloom Lettuce Varieties In 1930 the U.S. Department of Agriculture reissued Farmer's Bulletin 1609, Lettuce Growing , and listed the leading varieties of lettuce then under cultivation.

Keeping It Cozy Growing Heirloom Lettuce

Heirloom Seeds saved over many years and passed down, in original form, from generation to generation. Close. Little Gem Organic Lettuce Seed. Lettuce is a hardy, cool-weather crop and can be planted with your earliest worked soil. It grows best at 60-65°F (16-18°C) and germinates best below 70°F (21°C), so careful variety selection.

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Organic Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) America's favorite loose-leaf lettuce! Released in 1875 by the Henderson Seed Company, this heirloom is beloved for its sweet, delicate flavor and attractively frilled, light green leaves. Among the easiest varieties to cultivate — and quick.

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Your St. Clare Heirloom lettuce seeds will need direct sunlight daily, and they should be placed in fertilized, well-drained soil. Lettuce seeds prefer cooler temperatures, so plant your seeds 2 to 4 weeks before the last frost. If you live in the south, October is the best time to plant your heirloom lettuce seeds..

20 Lettuce Varieties To Grow Through Fall & Even Winter

Heirloom Lettuce Seeds Welcome to our Lettuce seed collection at the Alliance of Native Seedkeepers. Lettuce, with its tender leaves and refreshing, crisp texture, is a garden classic that has been enjoyed for generations. These versatile greens, with a history that dates back to ancient Egypt, have become an essential ingredient in salads.

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Heirloom Lettuce Seeds (Lactuca sativa) CATEGORIES. Heirloom Vegetables; Heirloom Flowers ; Heirloom Herbs; Heirloom Grains; Heirloom Collections; Seed Saving Book; Heirloom Lettuce Seeds - Crisphead. 2 products. Heirloom Lettuce Seeds - Romaine. 4 products. Heirloom Lettuce Seeds - Butterhead. 5 products.

15 of the Best Lettuce Varieties to Grow for Backyard Gardeners

Australian Yellowleaf Lettuce. $3.95. Summertime Lettuce. $3.95. 1. 2. Buy and grow organic, heirloom lettuce seeds. Discover rare butterhead, Romaine and looseleaf varieties for your garden. Sales support our nonprofit mission.

Growing Historical Lettuce Varieties Little House on the Prairie

All of our butterhead lettuce seed varieties are natural, untreated, non hybrid, open pollinated, non GMO seeds. We have over 800 varieties of rare and endangered heirloom vegetable, flower, herb and grain seeds. Heritage Harvest Seed is a Canadian seed company with the largest selection of heirloom seeds in Canada.

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Heirloom lettuce is a multi-purpose leafy vegetable that may be cultivated in a variety of ways. Lettuce grows nicely outside in a temperate area throughout the shoulder seasons of spring and fall. During the warmest days of summer, heirloom lettuce will bolt and turn bitter; this green vegetable is best suited as a cool-weather crop.

Growing Historical Heirloom Lettuce Varieties

Four General Lettuce Types. Lettuces fall into four general categories. Romaine or Cos — These upright lettuces produce long, thick, and crinkly leaves. Butterhead or Bibb — This category holds the biggest heirloom selection. These varieties have short, rather loose-leaf heads with thin, soft leaves. Iceberg, Crisphead, and Batavian.

Keeping It Cozy Growing Heirloom Lettuce

Lettuces are easy for beginning gardeners to grow in containers, raised beds, or traditional garden beds. There are many delectable heirloom varieties with a range of textures and flavors, and I've listed 10 types that I recommend below. With wonderful names like Little gem, Buttercrunch, and.

Keeping It Cozy Growing Heirloom Lettuce

Get high-quality heirloom lettuce seeds. Explore our collection and start growing your dream garden today. Fast shipping and customer satisfaction guaranteed.. Lettuce Seeds. Henderson's Black Seeded Simpson. Added. $3.00. 4.2. Lettuce Seeds. Ice Queen. Added. $3.50. 4.7. Lettuce Seeds. Landis Winter. Added. $3.00. 4.3. Lettuce Seeds. Little.

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Find seeds in packets of 500 at Burpee for sowing in spring or fall. 4. Webbs Wonderful. An heirloom variety originating in England, 'Webbs Wonderful' is heat resistant, and produces firm, sweet-tasting heads of seven to 11 inches in diameter. The outer leaves are softly crumpled, surrounding a crisp, pale green heart.

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Heirloom lettuce is easy to grow from seed, it matures quickly, and it can be succession planted giving you weeks of harvests. We offer a diverse collection of heirloom lettuce varieties including leaf, butterhead, and romaine varieties in various shades of green, red or both. Shop our selection of heirloom and open-pollinated lettuce seeds today.

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Seeds & Seeds & Seeds & Merchandise & Merchandise. Lettuce, Little Gem. HEIRLOOM. One of the best tasting, most trouble-free lettuces you can grow. $5.95. Seeds. Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson. HEIRLOOM. Even after 150 years it's one of the most tender leaf lettuces.