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To keep dogs away from specific outdoor areas, mix 1 part citronella oil with 10 parts water, and apply with a spray bottle. Dogs are deterred by coffee grounds, so sprinkling leftover grounds.

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Also be consistent with your praise when a dog follows your command. Give it positive reinforcement with treats if need be. This will give your dog a good reason to do as you ask. 7. Hang in there! Keeping your dogs out of your flower beds will require persistence.

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1. Teach Your Dog Boundaries. One of the best ways to keep your dog out of your plants is to set boundaries. This is a much easier lesson to teach if you start while they're still a puppy compared to teaching them later in life (I learned this the hard way). By teaching your dog where they can and cannot go, you're setting up an environment.

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6. Coffee Grounds. mnplatypus / Pixabay. Instead of throwing away your old coffee grounds each morning, save the leavings and reuse them as an effective dog repellent. Simply spread the coffee grounds throughout the area you don't want your dog to disturb and you're good to go! 7. Chili and Black Pepper.

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Citrus is the most popular scent that is used to deter dogs. Whether you use it in spray form or the peel of a fresh orange or lemon, the slightest whiff of citrus is enough to repel your dog from any area you choose. Citrus is toxic to dogs, so if you suspect your dog has ingested citrus, contact your vet immediately.

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2. Train your dog to leave plants alone. Using a motion-sensitive repellent, you can train dogs to stay away from plants. When your dog approaches your houseplants, a motion-sensitive device will trigger, scaring the dog away from the plants, and reinforcing the idea that he should probably leave them alone.

Dog's Gone! Plant AMAZING PLANT Keeps Dogs Away 4" Pot eBay

Pepper Plants ( Capsicum spp.) - Capsicum is the active ingredient in most peppers that causes them to burn your mouth. This substance does often repel dogs (it's used in the best dog repellent sprays, for example), but it's unlikely that the actual plants will deter dogs in an open-air environment.

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Spray Nasty Odors. Your vegetable garden is a salad bar for your dog. To keep him away, spray plants with pungent white vinegar or apple bitter. Or plant marigolds between vegetable rows, which repel dogs and other backyard pests, such as Mexican bean beetles, aphids, squash bugs, and whiteflies. However, don't apply rabbit or deer repellents.

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4. Rue. Image Credit: Justugly, Pixabay. Rue is considered an attractive shrub with a blue-green hue. Rue is known to keep ants away from plants and is regularly recommended as a natural ant repellent. Dogs are not keen on the way the plant feels, so it can be used to prevent canine invaders.

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1. Install a Fence. Installing a dog-proof fence isn't just great for containing your canine - fences can also protect your plants. J ust make sure the fence is high enough to prevent dogs from climbing or jumping over it, and you may need to extend the fence below-ground a bit to deter digging attempts.

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How to make it: For a stronger solution, just mix a cup of white vinegar with two cups of apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Tip: You can even use this to keep dogs off areas inside your home. 3. Citrus Fruits Dog Repellent. While we love the citrus scent, dogs surprisingly dislike it.

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Pepper. Black pepper and cayenne pepper work wonders when it comes to deterring doggos. And whipping up a simple yet peppery solution is easy as pie. How to do it: Mix cayenne pepper and water in.

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1. Remove the plants if possible. The simplest way to protect your dogs from plants is to remove them. This may not be possible if you also want to keep your plants. But you could compromise and only remove the plants that your dogs prefer to chew on while keeping the rest. I asked fellow gardeners what they do to keep their dogs away from.

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Credit: Margaret Wright. 1. Keep your plants out of reach. This one may seem obvious, but out of all of the methods to keep your houseplants safe from your mischievous four-legged friends, keeping them out of reach is by far the most effective. Try displaying your plants in hanging baskets and planters, in wall-mounted planters, or on top of.